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We are a full service Plumbing and Heating company with 26 years in the industries and by "we" I mean me. At this point in time "WE" are a one man shop. I opened this shop out of a desire to mostly, better service my customers, and to control my own future.

On September 10 2013 I recived my contractors license, insurance, bond and opened my doors for business.


Below are a few folks that can let you know the quality, knowledge, skill and integrity I bring to any job site.

  • First my Plumbing License #ALLISDB012QN Washington State Contractor Lookup Search by name and enter "Allison, David" it will be the one on top.
  • Beacon Plumbing, their trouble shooter for 10 years. 206-720-2040
  • 24/7 Flood Response, been working in conjunction with them for years, 1-888-365-5663
  • Cecil, A fellow plumber for 10 years, and a darn good Sewer Contractor, 206-790-9835
  • Hunt's Plumbing and Mechanical, A fellow Plumbing and HVAC Contractor, 253-927-5862

News and Events


No Wipes in the Pipes!

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October Special

Get a new toilet installed as low as $450.00. Includes taking your old one with us! Read more...